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Saints&Sinners 1/?

Title: Saints&Sinners
Characters/Pairings: kevin, jimmy, tommy + crossover with the boondock saints (connor&murphy)
Rating: NC17
Warnings: slightly graphic non-con, violence
Spoiler alert: none
Summary: "please," he whispers, because he doesn't know what else to say. he hates to beg but he's scared and he doesn't want this. he wants to go home, to see his ma and sean and jimmy and tommy. he wants this nightmare to be over.


Fic: stranger invitations

Title: stranger invitations
Author: fated_addiction
Characters/Pairings: Jenny; Tommy/Jenny
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,576
Spoilers: Series' finale.
Summary: What are parents don’t tell us is really what decides to kill us in the end. So says the neighborhood.

remember me as a time of day.

title: remember me as a time of day
pairing: tommy/jenny
rating: pg
summary: multi fandom. five girls who thought that time got away without them. each step and her heart takes cartwheels, she carries roses down the aisle.


Need Beta

Hey. I'm Maureen and I just finished watching The Black Donnellys on DVD. I've started a fanfiction but I really have no clue what I'm doing. I have no plot but I made two new characters that probably are Mary Sues right now, but I'm willing to fix that. Any help is greatly appreciated.

not hard to fall

Title: Not Hard to Fall
Characters/Pairings: Tommy, Tommy/Jenny
Rating: PG
Spoilers/warnings: Through 1x02, "A Stone of the Heart"
Word Count: 511
Disclaimer: I don't own anything TBD-related.
Summary: He tries so hard to forget, but it is crucified in his mind, and everything he touches is a constant reminder of the night he had spent his whole life wanting. By now he knows he will never forget.

Always there is still a little bit of her ghost in his mind.

two kinds of luck

Title: Two Kinds of Luck
Characters: Kevin Donnelly
Rating: G
Words: I have no clue... less than a 1000 probably.
Notes: first TBD fic. And typed up in wordpad.
Warnings: nope
Summary: It was stupid, what Kevin did. He gambles, though, because it's his thing, just like Tommy and his art and Sean and his girls. It's something he thinks he's good at, and he isn't going to just quit.

two kinds of luck

(and hopefully i did not mess up the tagging on this...)


Title: Chicago (a story in three parts)
Pairing: Tommy Donnelly/Christian Kane
Rating: NC-17
Words: about 2800
Notes: Set during the filming of the Leverage pilot and post-TBD
Warnings: Contains graphic sex between fictional characters and real people

The kid's name is Tommy, so Chris got that right, at least. He's not much of a kid, though, and Chris sees that first thing, dirty light falling like shadows across the sheets, Tommy sleeping still, shirtless, curled up in the space where Chris used to be. He looks like he's been coming up swinging his whole life, all bone and muscle and buried secrets, scars crisscrossing through the freckles Chris didn't mean to see.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The Secret Society of Sinners

Title: The Secret Society of Sinners
Characters/Pairings: Jenny. Tommy.
Rating: PG
Spoiler alert: All episodes.
Summary: Monday morning, black coffee, staring at sidewalk ghosts through diner glass. This is not an extraordinary tale.
Link: HERE @ hygenic

A Donnelly Vignette, PG13 by tigtogtag

Title: A Donnelly Vignette
Characters/Pairings: Tommy, brief mention of Jenny/Tommy
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Implied violence and alcohol abuse. Coarse language.
Spoiler alert: None, really.
Summary: Something about that four letter word spitting from his mouth reminds him of that rush of nicotine that came with his first cigarette, masking the fact that he was trying not to cough, and that he wasn’t man enough.

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