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First Fic- Gen

Title: Five Floors Down
Author: ubi_es_calem  
Genre: Gen
Characters: Tommy and Kevin
Rating: G
Spoilers: For the Pilot
Disclaimer: Not mine, nope, really not.

Summary: It's five floors to the bottom.
A/N: This is my first attempt at this fandom so any concrit would be loved upon like monkeys and cheese.  Also, many thanks to quarterturn for the quick and dirty beta.

Tommy shifted in the elevator; fingertips soft with the smudges of graphite twitching against the worn denim seams of his pants.  He could hear Kevin breathing through his mouth, a soft chuffing sound like he was asleep all the time. 

“So,” Kevin started, tilting his chin to eye the clanging numbers as they went down.  Tommy swallowed, touched the toe of his boot to the metal door.  Two more floors.  “I brought a sandwich.  I just didn’t want to tell Jenny.” Kevin ducked his head and pulled a saran wrapped turkey club from the deep pocket of his coat.

“You brought a sandwich?”

“Well, yeah.  I was gonna eat it.” Kevin grinned, it was watery and slippery around his mouth.  Tommy blamed the wan light, it made everything shades of beige and indecision.

“Right, of course you were.” 

Kevin offered it over and Tommy stared for a moment.  Kevin had pale fingers, the backs of his wrists freckled lightly.  The tomato looked yellow, squashed between turkey and crumpled white bread.  The lettuce was green where it smeared against the saran wrap.

At the second floor the door pinged open and an old lady shuffled on.  Tommy watched the thin skin of her eyelids as she crossed her hands over her stomach, clutching a bright green purse that bristled buckles.  She filled the elevator with the scent of baby powder or Aqua net- Tommy could never really tell them apart.  His brothers always smelled of Pert Plus shampoo, cigarettes, or bad decisions.  His Ma smelled cold, her hair drying as she padded through the apartment.  She always showered last.

The doors slid open again and the lady ducked a smile, polite, and Kevin grinned cheekily at her.  He went to follow, barely glancing around as he stuffed the sandwich back in his pocket.

Tommy’s hand shot out, palm flat against the soft heat of Kevin’s chest.  Kevin’s heart pounded silently under his touch.  He looked at his hand, smeared with art and flecks of the conte he’d used earlier in class.  The white stuck along his cuticles.  His fingers were long and pale, his wrists freckled.  He looked up quickly, making sure Kevin was paying attention.  The doors tried to slide shut and Kevin knocked a foot in their way. 

“Don’t hedge your bet on this, Kevin.”

Kevin’s smile faded and he scrubbed a hand through his dark curls, sending them in a disastrous riot around his face.  He’d always looked more like their Ma than any of the other boys.  Tommy’s fingers curled slightly and he could smell the sharp musk of Old Spice. 

“I‘m lucky, but I‘m not stupid.”  Kevin snaked his hand around Tommy’s wrist and for a moment Tommy wasn’t sure where he ended and Kevin began.  When Kevin squeezed once the bones in Tommy’s wrist creaked.  Tommy’s mouth was dry and he licked the corner of his lips, tasting coffee and promises he meant to keep.  Kevin pulled Tommy forward before letting go. 

“Yeah.” Tommy’s voice was quiet as the door slid shut behind them.

Tags: author: ubi_es_calem, character: kevin, character: tommy, rating: g
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