nikki (nikki_cee) wrote in donnellysfic,

two kinds of luck

Title: Two Kinds of Luck
Characters: Kevin Donnelly
Rating: G
Words: I have no clue... less than a 1000 probably.
Notes: first TBD fic. And typed up in wordpad.
Warnings: nope
Summary: It was stupid, what Kevin did. He gambles, though, because it's his thing, just like Tommy and his art and Sean and his girls. It's something he thinks he's good at, and he isn't going to just quit.

two kinds of luck

(and hopefully i did not mess up the tagging on this...)
Tags: character: kevin, rating: g
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March 3 2009, 22:26:46 UTC 8 years ago

The post is friends locked. If you make it public, more people can read it.
lol. 'feels stupid'... I mean to unlock fic, but always forget to, it seems :/ thanks for telling me;)